Kerecsen arrows

We can make an arrow that includes all special requests.

  • Five different feather shapes (shield, parabola, flu-flu, traditional, tünde), in three sizes (3-4-5”), several colours.
  • • Two different diameter sizes for the wood body- depending on the hardness of the arrow- in natural, painted (red and black) and mordanted version.
  • • Several different pratice points.

Arrow price list

In case of a personalized order call our store on 06-1/239-37-93 or send an email to

In case of a higher number of orders please turn to us for special price proposal.

Arrow price coagulate: Arrows+ points+special request prices.

image (2)


  • Base arrow without point:


  • Children arrow without point:


image (1)


  • Cropped point:


  • Iron point:




  • Cedar shaft:


  • Conical (2-6 weeks):

    +180 Ft

  • Weighted shafts:

    +300 Ft

  • 5″ feather(/pcs):


  • Flu-Flu feathers:


  • Natural turkey feather/pcs:

    +120 Ft/db

  • Mordant shaft:


  • Separated painted shaft (red or black):


  • Full painted shaft:


  • Full feather banadage: