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Our shooting range located in downtown has been opended for beginner and advanced archers since 2008.

Four person can practise together in 3 x 16m and 1x 25m under the brick archs from the age of the Monarch. Any person can use the range, archer, member of an association or just spectator.
Booking is available in advance by phone or email. In case the range is not reserved it can be used without a booking.
The association

Kerecsen cultural and archery association

Kerecsen cultural and archery association was established among the archers practising together in the Kerecsen shooting range in the spring of 2010.The members have been achiving several great results in international archery competitons in the last years.
Male and female archers are among the members between junior and veteran age.
You can apply in person in Kerecsen Archery Store.