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Shooting range

Our shooting range located in downtown has been opended for beginner and advanced archers since 2008. Four person can practise together in 3 x 16m and 1x 25m under the brick archs from the age of the Monarch. Any person can use the range, archer, member of an association or just spectator.


  • It is obligatory for any person who enters the range to acknowledge and observe the regulations of the practice field.
  • 4 shooting positions, with maximum 2 person.
  • 8 person can be in the shooting range at the same time (except for the trainings).
  • Minimum booking time is 1 hour, it can be extended by half hours, depending on the booking schedule.
  • All shooting positions must be in one line, upon the agreement of the current archers.
  • Shooting positions can only be left and arrows pulled when all pre-defined shots are done. The number of shots is to be defined by the archers in the room.
  • Shooting may only start when all person in the room is behind the archers.
  • Only un-damaged and perfect conditioned equipments can be used in the shooting range.
  • Shooting range can only be used at any person’s own risk!

*We maintain the right to modify and amend the regulations

Book now!

Booking is available in advance by phone or email. In case the range is not reserved it can be used without a booking.